The Technology

There are two fundamental proprietary technologies involved in the new generation nanosized active catalysts:

  • The method of doping noble metal ions into Ceria, Titanium and other reducible oxides using a novel process called Solution Combustion Method.
  • The process of coating reducible oxides on monolith cordierites (ceramic substrates).

The technology has given rise to a new generation of catalysts called Noble Metal Ionic Catalysts or NMIC. Noble metal ion catalysts are nano-crystalline, but there is no need to handle nanomaterials as they can be directly grown on the surfaces of cordierite substrates. As the size of the particles is very small, the surface area of the catalyst is enhanced substantially, resulting in significantly reduced usage of expensive noble metals in the catalyst. The new method of coating or loading catalyst allows variation of composition of the catalyst, thus allowing development of NMIC for various applications.

The coating process is simple and effective. The cordierite monolith before and after coating and catalytic reaction shows homogeneous coating and high quality oxide adhesion to the walls of the cordierite.

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