There are numerous industrial applications for nanosized active catalysts. Micro Materials seeks to work with leading corporations in developing various applications based on this platform technology. Some sample applications are:

  • Automotive Catalysts

    Laboratory-level prototypes indicate significant pollutant conversion with Micro Materials’ new generation Ceria-based catalysts at low temperatures compared to currently available commercial catalysts.

    The quantity of noble metals required for our catalysts is observed to be less than 1/5th of the quantity used for similar applications in traditional catalysts. Thus, substantial cost savings is expected as only a fraction of the expensive noble metals is required for our catalysts.

    With very high NOx conversion levels, we expect our catalysts to provide a cost-effective solution to meet the upcoming NOx emission regulations in various regions of the world.

  • Hydrogen Production

    The new generation catalyst has the ability to reduce the temperature of the water-gas shift reaction yielding low-cost Hydrogen. Our catalyst, in a prototype wood-chip based (biomass) gasifier, produced high-quality Hydrogen at a very competitive cost base, converting Methane to Hydrogen.
  • Lead Acid Batteries

    Platinum-doped ceria catalysts using our proprietary process are observed to be excellent oxygen-hydrogen recombination catalysts. We have noticed rates of recombination, at room temperature, that are approximately 500 times higher than the rates observed with Platinum metal catalysts. This property has significant lead-acid battery applications.

  • Organic Catalytic Applications

    Noble metal ion doped Ceria catalyst powder has multiple applications in organic catalytic reactions.

  • Other Applications

    Micro Materials expects the new generation catalysts to have various other applications as replaceable catalyst cartridges.